I have had the pleasure to meet Sharon recently and network with her within the Christian community. I had asked her to do a workshop at one of my seminars for Change of Heart Ministries on the topic of Depression, which plagues so many people. I knew she would be the one to bring hope and healing to those that came to the seminar and I was right. Not only did she bring forth an excellent down to earth teaching with the steps to be free of depression; through her powerful one on one prayer with all those who came to the altar, she broke the chains of depression off of them. Those that attended her workshop were touched by God through her and had a life changing experience. 
 Sharon is a woman with a heart to "Love" on people. She is full of God's love and its shines through her with her vivacious personality. She is a blessing to everyone she comes in contact with. I am grateful to God that our paths have crossed and I look forward to doing more events with her in the future that bring hope and healing to to those in need.
 ~Christine Degen
.Change of Heart Ministries
"Sharon has a love for Jesus Christ that she wants to share with others.  She works tirelessly to provide opportunities for women to come together in worship and praise of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Sharon spoke at our 2011 New Year's Wonderful Women's Conference, "Behold I Make All Things New" on Saturday, January 29, 2011.  She spoke about real life things that women deal with on a daily basis and encouraged us to put every decision before God.  We all came away with a "call to action."  I, have seen the difference in my life putting God out in front of me and walking in his light.  Thank you Sharon".
~Jann Sanicola
Bayport United Methodist Church, Women's Director
 "Sharon is a gifted life coach.  She knew the right questions to ask and intuitively knew what I needed...encouragement, guidance, clarity and accountability.  She gave this to me and more because Christ is at the center of her heart and her work.  I always felt safe, understood and excited!  She helped me to get unstuck and feel confident.  I couldn't have done it without her."    ~  Lily S. 
"Sharon demonstrated an insightful ability to read where I was at and to give me tools to begin to begin. She kept me on track and focused with a renewed HOPE to pick up a much delayed vision for my life. Sharon has a Christ centered heart to see woman come into freedom and wholeness"
 ~ Michele T.
"Sharon Pizzo is a true disciple of the Lord, who isappointed, anointed and called to effectively fulfill leadership roles. Withthe heart of a servant, I have watched her joyfully, passionately andfaithfully lead the Women’s Ministry at Christ Church United Methodist for  5  years. Keenly aware of and sensitive tothe needs of others, Sharon tirelessly ministers compassionate, effectualteaching, counsel and prayer both in group settings and on an individual basis,wholeheartedly giving of her time, talents and possessions generously—and,often, sacrificially. Under her leadership, the ministry has grown andflourished.
But Sharon is more than an unusually effective, prolificleader, she is a visionary. She has been gifted with discernment, keenforesight and the ability to envision, create and implement inspired solutions.
Without question, Sharon is one of the most gifted,prolific, respected and effective leaders that I have had the privilege ofknowing, benefiting from and working with during my lifetime."
Respectfully—and Joyfully—submitted,
~Vickie Moller
Sharon is such a warm and loving sister in Christ. Her ministry to woman is lift up weak and frail sisters and strengthen them with the love of God. I first got to know what a wonderful person Sharon is when I attended her Woman's Support Group at Christ Church. It had been a few years since I had been in an intimate setting with Christian Woman and I went with hesitation and fear that I wouldn't be accepted. Yet once Sharon began to speak and share her love and life with the group, I immediately felt safe, accepted and valued. Sharon is full of compassion and empathy and it exudes from her as woman share their needs and fears. Armed with God's word, she strengthens you and builds you up so you can see yourself as God sees you - His daughter that He wants to soothe and mend and use. I am always encouraged around Sharon and she inspires me to be the Woman of God that He intends for me to be. Sharon never makes you feel bad about yourself or what you may have done that isn't so holy. Instead, She causes you to look beyond what you may have been yesterday and see what God has for you today and tomorrow and forever. God has blessed Sharon with spiritual maturity beyond her years and in turn she reaches out to touch, encourage and love those around her that God brings into her path. Sharon is truly a blessing!
~Samantha Rampanelli, CCUM Events Coordinator